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Buy 1000MG THC Magnum Blue Raspberry Sphere


Buy 1000MG THC Magnum Blue Raspberry Sphere

Magnum 1000mg THC Gummies by Deadhead Chemist contains the fruity flavours of blue raspberry!

Each tin contains 5 pieces of cannabis-infused gummies that’re 200mg of THC each

Buy 1000MG THC Magnum Blue Raspberry Sphere

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Experience your own euphoria with Deadhead Chemist. Not for beginners, for high tolerance users only. Whether you’re looking to experience the sweeter side, enahance your creativity, or relax and recharge, their wide array of fruit-flavoured gummies has you covered. This blue raspberry jelly, made with THC distillate really packs a punch. It can easily be cut into 5 equal 200 mg pieces for accurate dosing. Or if you think you are up for it eat it all at once. Made using pure lab-tested THC extracts, Deadhead Chemist made with care and the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.

What strain is Magnum?

Magnum: A High-Yielding Autoflower

The fresh and spicy aromas complement the unique highs induced by the chemical profile of Magnum. Magnum is a very large autoflower, but it’s still short in comparison with photoperiod varieties. It reaches 100–150cm, and indoor yields amount to 550–600g/m².

Magnum is one of my favorite autoflowering strains. I agree with the time to harvest, 77+ days. Such a nice spice and citrus taste and an elevating buzz. Using 50/50 compost and vermiculite and garden store nutes I have been getting about 100g/plant – pretty new at this. Believe the potency reports! Just got results back from Steep Hill on a representative sample of my last Magnum grow. 24.33% as THC-A, that converts to 21.39% as del-9 THC. Thank you Buddha!


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