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Buy Anadrol Steroid Pills 50 mg

Buy Anadrol On this page you can see all the oral Anadrol (Anapolon) 50 steroid products that are available for sale online at ZPHC Store. Anadrol is the brand name of the anabolic steroid hormone Oxymetholone, which provides ultimate bulking results within muscle gain cycles.

Effects and Benefits of Using Anadrol Tablets:

  • The use of this steroid enhances the production of red blood cells.
  • Also, it causes an outstanding bulking effect along with a noticeable water-retaining effect. Consequently, it promotes weight gain and makes muscles look fuller.
  • Besides, using Anadrol tablets, you will get increased strength, which will help you bear longer and more intense training sessions.
  • More to the point, this steroid protects joints by retaining liquid around them. As a result, the risk of injuries is minimal.

Administration and Dosage while Using Oxymetholone 50 mg

First of all, if you choose Anadrol pills for the cycle, you will need to take them every day to preserve the stable concentration of Oxymetholone in the blood. However, it is much more convenient than administering injections. As for the daily dosage of Anadrol tablets, for beginners it equals 25-50 mg. Certainly, in the case of professional bodybuilders doctors may recommend using higher dosages ― up to 150 mg per day. As a rule, athletes take Anadrol pills for 4-6 weeks. No doubt, regardless of your experience in bodybuilding, you should not increase the daily dosage of Anadrol or prolong the duration of the cycle without getting an approval from the doctor.

Cycles and Stacking Variants

Sure, on the recommendation of the sports doctor, you can combine Oxymetholone with other anabolic steroids, for example, with Testosterone Enanthate. Using steroid drugs in stacks will provide you with better results.

Where Can You Buy Anadrol

Where Can You Buy Anadrol


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